• Walking for days to request a Jesus film showing, even wearing the soles off his shoes.
  • Working for $3 a month.
  • Praying for people who have little access to health care and whose only hope is Jesus.
  • Taking his wife 20 miles to the hospital on a bicycle – while she is in labor.
  • Praying for a girl who was in the water for hours and she came back to life! See family’s testimony.
  • The first in her family to finish high school.
  • The first generation with open access to higher education.

These are a few experiences of our 256 Mozambican pastors. The work started in the early 1900s when miners returned from their work in South Africa and wanted to spread the Gospel they had heard in South Africa at the gold mines. This group of indigenous Mozambican churches eventually became named Igreja Emmanuel Evang√©lica Wesleyana (Emmanuel Evangelical Wesleyan Church). The Jesus Film has helped them to reach out to all 10 provinces and more than 10 language groups.