Warfare Prayers from Psalms

In studying spiritual warfare recently, I read somewhere that we could learn lessons from the warrior, King David. So I decided to write  some Psalms as warfare prayers. My teenage daughter is a writer and liked the idea, so she started too. Of course, prayers are individual, but it was so interesting to see how different they were as we our writing styles are so different. I wanted to share a psalm with you.

Psalm 8 (by Carissa Pickett)


(1) How wonderful and powerful is your name. You have set your glory in the heavens.

(2) Through praise of even innocent children, you have established protection, like a brick wall with barbed wire around it. And with your children in mind you take aim as the enemy approaches, like a protective father preparing to meet his daughter’s boyfriend. And how we – at times – have fallen hard for the boyfriend. His bad influence seeping in and putting a divide in our relationship with you. We are scrapped and broken, but we would still rather continue in this abusive relationship because we have bought into the lie that the devil tells us. A lie that the things we did when we went along with our boyfriend’s plans, you could never forgive us for. But come, Lord, intervene. Speak to us and tell us the truth about yourself. Remind us we are forgiven and not condemned.  Protect us and help us beat back his advances. If we are ever going to break up with him, we need you to step in and help us.

(3,4)And, despite our screw-ups and our running to the same wells repeatedly, God, I know that when you look at your atom-sized creation compared to the size and vastness of universe, you call us your children. Will I ever truly understand the amount of love that you have given to us?

(5) Thank you for the authority we get when we accept you as our Savior to rebuke the enemy – that gives us sheep the advantage. So, that when you send us out to free the other sheep, we have what we need to fight back the wolves, who would love to devour the lost sheep.

(6-8) And yet, with this ability to fight back, you tell us not to let it go to our heads – for us to remember that it is you who gave us this power and authority. But like a wise person once said (which I guess since you give wisdom, you ultimately said it), “With great power comes great responsibility.” And so, you call us to be wise and responsible with what you’ve put us in control of. Thank you for trusting us and giving us the chance to grow into responsible people. And while we may not feel that you are in the background, help us to remember that truth trumps feelings: you are there! Let certain situations be a growing experience for us. I thank you and praise you for all that you’ve done. How wonderful is your name!


Your precious Daughter


Psalm 8 (mine)

Lord, your name is majestic. I honor you and praise you. You care not just about me, but the whole earth. I thank you that you are so mighty that even children can pray in your name and see results. We don’t need fancy, educated words, but trust in your power and loving work as our daddy.  Thank you for building a stronghold around us to protect us from the attacks of the enemy. Thank you that their voices are silenced by your authority and power.

We know that we are small before you, but you have chosen to honor us by making us in your image and giving us dominion over the earth to reflect your glory and your grace. Today we commit ourselves to you, to use this dominion wisely, to take care of what you have so graciously provided in nature. Help us to have confidence in you, that you made us with a destiny and a purpose. Thank you for being present everywhere, for never leaving nor forsaking us.                                      Amen


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