Being 92, legally blind, and slightly lame is a challenge anywhere you live.  For Pastor Mbalane, the faces of friends are a memory. He can no longer read the Bible. Occasionally someone slips into the yard unnoticed and steals something left out. He’s unable to leave home for outings.  When he was younger Pastor Mbalane was a miner in South Africa. He later pastored the Patrice Wesleyan Church in Mozambique and became the Xai-Xai District Superintendent.  He and his wife worked hard in their large garden all their lives growing rice and vegetables to sustain their family. He is a man of integrity and very friendly.

There is no medical help for Pastor Mbalane’s eyes in this small city of Xai-Xai. There is no strong medicine to help with his aches and pains. He is now unable to leave home, but enjoys the occasional visit from family and church friends. Several years ago, our family was able to give him and his wife two solar-powered audio Bibles. This Easter, Jim and I visited them along with the current pastor of the Patrice church and had communion with them. Sitting in plastic chairs in their sandy yard, joy light up their faces. “We are not forgotten,” they said.

We all face challenges in life and it is a blessing to know that others are alongside us. We are all getting older. How can we remember and honor those who have paved the way before us? We all hope that there will be people there for us as we age. So, what are we doing today to be an example to the next generation of how that looks?

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