Twists and Turns of Life

Life doesn’t always turn out as we plan.


Mr. Ndima was a gold miner in South Africa in the 80s. He hoped that he was would have a secure future. When he stopped mining, he decided to take his retirement funds in a lump sum. He began to build a cement home so that he could move out of the old thatch home which was not secure and was damp in the cold months. In 2006, he became quite ill and most of his money went for medical bills and he was never able to finish his house.

Today, in October 2019, he is well, although suffering from cataracts. He still lives in his thatch home, his shell of a cement home a daily reminder of his hopes and dreams. He lives off of his once annual mango and cashew harvest. He has all the bricks up now, but is slowly working on the plastering, buying a sack of cement at a time.


Juvenal did not expect to have to support his family. His dad unexpectedly died when he was a teenager. Between his mother’s garden and Juvenal’s odd jobs somehow they kept everything together. Today Juvenal has been to Bible College and to teacher training. He teaches seventh-grade Portuguese during the week and pastors a Wesleyan Church on Sunday. He is still providing for his family, but he is looking to the future. He wants to send his siblings to school and provide them a good head start in life. Supporting pastors in Africa helps to support a community.

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