Twelve new students arrived this month and need sponsors for $100/mo for 1-3 years.

Maintenance needs are still many. Thank you for considering our needs:

Government Code requires us to install some classroom ramps ($550 for cement ramps), buy a First Aid Kit ($125), and install stair railings ($750).

Students houses still need 15 more doors ($225 each)

Property Wall is needed due to theft in some of the student houses. $10,000. (We have saved $1,000 from local funds.)

Security bars on windows and doors of the auditorium/church $1,500

Bars on doors of five teachers’ houses. $1,350

Tiles to repair showers in boys’ dorm. $375

Plumbing needs. Broken pipes just drop dirty water onto ground. $180

When you give online, make a comment which need above you would like to help with. If unmarked, donations go to scholarships.

Mailing Address: Global Partners, PO Box 50434, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Write WM06-1197 in the memo and “scholarship” or the specific maintenance need you have chosen.

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