Learning through Covid-19 Challenges


We realize that some of you are going through difficult times right now with the Covid19 situation. We are grateful for your prayers and donations. We pray that God would provide your daily bread and that his “shalom” (peace/well-being in all areas) would overshadow you.

Classes during Covid-19

We are also grateful to God for continuing to help us as we teach our Bible classes via photocopies and WhatsApp messages. It is a steep learning curve for some students. A few families made contributions to buy their students and Android phone and so it’s their first time using the Internet. Other just have simple phones with a 12-button keypad. For these, the teachers call them every few days and listen over the phone to their answers.

Most Mozambicans just buy 100MB-250MB of data at a time and do what they can, but one video can drain the whole amount, so live classes are out for now. We continue to consider the best ways to put students in groups although they are far apart.

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