Dondo Church Plant

Pastor João fords a river each weekend (holding his jeans over his head, praying no crocodiles come near) as he walks to his church plant in the outskirts of Dondo.

Joao. (Taken during his trip)

He was in XaiXai Bible College in southern Mozambique last year when Cyclone Idai tore through the cities of Beira and Dondo. After returning home in October to Beira, the Eswatini (Swaziland) Wesleyan church helped him rebuild his house. As he prayed with his District of where to plant a church after graduation, he felt burdened for the outskirts of Dondo – a city of 185,000 about 30 miles from his home. 

Living on his vegetable garden and an occasional odd job, João does not often have the $2.25US bus fare and so takes a shortcut through a waist-high river. Going this far, he decided early on that he should plant a second church as well and spends one or two nights a week in someone’s home in Dondo ministering in the two areas. The churches have 52 and 26 attendees.

Pray for Joao to obtain odd jobs.

Pray for Joao to have wisdom and insight during this first year of ministry.

Pray for these Dondo believers as food prices have risen (just like in the U.S., due to Covid-19 restrictions) and harvests are limited with local flooding in some districts and drought in others.

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