Rev. Matusse’s testimony: “As a child, my family attended the Zionist Church where we worshipped many gods and spirits as part of our services. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1994, it was a massive change in my life bringing me freedom from witchcraft practices. God has proved himself to be real and powerful in my life.

Early on, God put in me a passion for evangelism and I attended Bible College in Swaziland. I then became a teacher at Xai-Xai Bible College in 2006 and pastor at Patrice Lumumba Wesleyan in 2009. The reed church only had two benches and a dirt floor, so people sat on mats or brought their own chair. Most of the congregation were young adult students or day laborers, but we sacrificed and were able to cement the floor and buy plastic chairs in the first year. Over the years, we have done many home visits and some community crusades.

In 2012 we began to make cement blocks in the church yard with a vision to build a cement block church three times the size of our original one. A few years later we laid the foundation, but had no more funds. We took side jobs and committed together to raise $180 a month. We were able to do that for a few months and laid several rows of blocks.

In 2015 three of our young men began attending Bible College. These 3 men have been instrumental in coordinating worship, Sunday School and youth ministries at our church. 

Thanks to an outside donor, last year we completed the new church walls and the roof. Please pray for us as we complete the doors, windows, etc. Also, my wife obtained a government teaching job in 2018, but it was in another province. Full-time jobs are hard to find and she needed to accept it. Now that she has completed three years of teaching, please pray the government will grant her permission to transfer to a school in our community so our family can be together again.”

THANK YOU for your prayers and partnership with God’s work in Mozambique.

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