CBEW’s visions (Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College in English) is to equip believers to plant, develop, and administer churches with confidence and success.

Our values are integrity, commitment, learning, integrity, and service.  

Theological Program:

Xai-Xai Bible College is open to any Christian with at least a 9th-grade education who wishes to earn a one-year certificate in Christian Ministry or a 3-year Diploma in Theology. (Instruction is in Portuguese.)

Students take two 3-week Bible modules at a time, but also participate in Portuguese and English language classes and twice-weekly chapel services.

For admissions or further information, contact Dean of Students, Latim Rendição: rendicaol@gmail.com or Director Filipe Macaringue: famacaringue@hotmail.com.


Classes run from the beginning of February to early October. In addition to classwork, students participate in work programs and weekend ministry opportunities.

Twelve students graduated at the 2017 Graduation. (Photo below of staff and students 2017.)

graduation 2017