College Needs in 2020

Twelve new students arrived this month and need sponsors for $100/mo for 1-3 years. Maintenance needs are still many. Thank you for considering our needs: Government Code requires us to install some classroom ramps ($550 for cement ramps), buy a First Aid Kit ($125), and install stair railings ($750). Students houses still need 15 more … Continue reading College Needs in 2020

Twists and Turns of Life

Life doesn't always turn out as we plan. MR NDIMA Mr. Ndima was a gold miner in South Africa in the 80s. He hoped that he was would have a secure future. When he stopped mining, he decided to take his retirement funds in a lump sum. He began to build a cement home so … Continue reading Twists and Turns of Life

Report of Cyclone Idai Relief

"Whoever is generous to the poor, lends to the Lord and He will repay him." (Prov. 19:17) While we are deeply saddened at the loss of lives and the destruction of millions of homes in the last three months with Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique, our hearts are overwhelmed with the compassion and unity of … Continue reading Report of Cyclone Idai Relief