• Teach a 3-week classes on Bible, Psychology, or Anthropology
  • Conduct children’s evangelism
  • Speak at women’s or youth seminars
  • Assist in church construction


Solar Scripture Players

Audio scripture player (2)

Solar Scriptures players in 9 Mozambican languages recorded by local speakers allow many people to have access to the Scriptures.  Fifty percent of Mozambicans are illiterate according to UNICEF and the annual average wage is US$500. Help subsidize these $50 players so that hundreds more can be distributed. 

Africans Reaching Africans

Catching the vision, the Mozambique Wesleyan Church has reached out beyond their borders to plant three churches in Malawi. Your donations help with travel expenses and church planting activities. 

Bible College Scholarships

Support an African teacher in a country where unemployment is 25%. Provide a scholarship for an African who wants to be a pastor, but  whose family makes minimum wage of $40 a month. The Mozambican Wesleyan Church has 284 churches and only 142 of these churches have trained pastors. Xai-Xai Bible College needs 40 tuition scholarships of $1200 annually for men and women in the 3-year Theology program.  One-time donations are also appreciated.

Support an African Church Planter

Partner with a local church planter in the northern Nampula district of Mozambique. “How will anyone go and tell them without being sent?…” (Romans 10:15 NLT). A $50 monthly stipend provides for a pastor and his/her family for 3 years while establishing a church. The Nampula District has planted over sixteen churches.