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  • Africans reaching Africans. Catching the vision, the Mozambique Wesleyan Church, through evangelistic campaigns and locally raised funds, has reached out beyond their borders to plant three churches in Malawi. Their five-year vision plan is to plant 25 more churches. Mozambican Wesleyans request your support to finance their visitations, church planting activities, and seminars. This is vital in seeing that the church grows and achieves their vision.   Donate: WM06-1522


  • Literacy in Mozambique is only 50% according to UNICEF. Audio Scriptures players recorded in 9 Mozambican languages by Mozambican speakers allow many people to have access to the Scriptures.  Since most of the local people can only afford to pay $3 for the scripture player, money raised through this project covers the remaining portion of the $35 players.               Donate: WM06-1096Audio scripture player (2)


  • Scholarships at Xai-Xai Bible College. The Mozambican Wesleyan Church has 284 churches and only 142 of these churches have trained pastors. The campus can house 55 men and women into the 3-year Theology program. Tuition is $1200 per student and room/board is $600 per year. Scholarships are needed as minimum wage is $40 a month and students can only contribute a few dollars a month. Although they do work 6 hours a week in work study campus jobs without remuneration as an additional contribution. One-time or monthly donations are appreciated.    Donate: WM06-1197

students 2017 saia mendoncia marcia carminda

  • Church planters in the Nampula district of Mozambique. Each pastor receives about $50 monthly stipend while they are establishing a church. The Nampula District planted sixteen churches in 2014. In the rural areas people make about $25 a month and are often only able to contribute $2-$3 a month to the church.                   Donate: WM06-1140canoe Nampula district
  • Volunteer. We need
    • College teachers to teach 3-week classes on Bible, Psychology, and Anthropology
    • Workers for children’s evangelism programs
    • Speakers for women’s seminars
    • Volunteers to paint or do maintenance on the College or churches